Electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes or e cigs as they are also known have been around for ages, but it is only recently that they have become extremely popular. With people becoming more health concious and with the government taxing cigarettes out of most peoples reach electronic cigarettes are the way forward. They contain NO tar or other chemicals associated with normal cigarettes and once you have bought the initial electronic cigarette, they can be run for as little as £5 pounds per week. So not only do your clothes smell better but you also save thousands of pounds per year. It's a win win situation! Order yours now.

  • Twin electronic cigarette starter kit - Silver
    Twin electronic cigarette starter kit - Silver
  • Twin electronic cigarette starter kit - Black
    Twin electronic cigarette starter kit - Black
  • Single electronic cigarette starter pack - Silver
    Single electronic cigarette starter pack - Silver
  • Single electronic cigarette starter pack - Black
    Single electronic cigarette starter pack - Black
  • 3 Eliquids £10 special offer
    3 Eliquids £10 special offer
  • Eliquid Strawberry flavour
    Eliquid Strawberry flavour
  • Eliquid Banana flavour
    Eliquid Banana flavour
  • Eliquid Apple flavour
    Eliquid Apple flavour
  • Eliquid Pineapple flavour
    Eliquid Pineapple flavour
  • Eliquid Cherry flavour
    Eliquid Cherry flavour
  • Eliquid Caramel Toffee flavour
    Eliquid Caramel Toffee flavour
  • Eliquid Cheese cake flavour
    Eliquid Cheese cake flavour
  • Eliquid ice cream flavour
    Eliquid ice cream flavour
  • Eliquid baileys Irish cream flavour
    Eliquid baileys Irish cream flavour
  • Eliquid Menthol flavour
    Eliquid Menthol flavour
  • Eliquid USA MIX Flavour
    Eliquid USA MIX Flavour
  • Eliquid Gold & Silver Tobacco
    Eliquid Gold & Silver Tobacco
  • Ecigarette battery Silver
    Ecigarette battery Silver
  • Ecigarette battery White
    Ecigarette battery White
  • Mini USB charger
    Mini USB charger
  • Electronic cigarette Spare heater coil
    Electronic cigarette Spare heater coil
  • MT3 Atomiser
    MT3 Atomiser
  • E cigarette battery Black
    E cigarette battery Black
  • Black travel Case
    Black travel Case
  • Ecigarette USB Wall charger
    Ecigarette USB Wall charger

Vaping Electronic cigarettes

Vaping is the term used to replace the term smoking when using electronic cigarettes. The action of vaping is exactly the same as smoking but you inhale a non toxic and odourless vapour which contains different strengths of nicotine or no nicotine at all depending on your preference. Electronic cigarettes these days are so good that many smokers claim that there is very little difference between the sensation of smoking an e cig compared to a normal cigarette and because the liquid can contain nicotine, you don’t even get the nicotine withdrawal symptoms associated with giving up smoking. So no more bad tempered rages because you can’t have a fag!
When switching to electronic cigarettes we recommend starting with a high or medium nicotine liquid and gradually reduce the strength of nicotine until you are are nicotine free, and the best bit is that you will hardly even notice. Then all you have to do is to get rid of the habit of inhaling or, just carry on vaping, safe in the knowledge that you are probably going to save your health and also a small fortune.
10 ml of liquid can replace approx 200 cigarettes and only costs £3.99 so you’ll be quids in. Try our handy savings calculator at the top of the page to see how much money you could save by switching today.